5 Reasons You Have to Do the Mistico Night Walk in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of the major ecological tourist destinations–and there is no doubt about it. It has been named the “most intensely biological place on Earth”, having 5% of the world’s biodiversity inhabiting in a territory that accounts for just 0.03% of the world’s surface.

The majority of animals that will be observed are nocturnal.

If you have made the wise decision of traveling to Costa Rica and have arranged 99% of activities involving extraordinary flora and fauna, then you are only missing the 1% that is the night walk to see most of the mammals, amphibians and reptiles. Seeing them is likely to be the main reason for your trip, and more than half of mammals in Costa Rica only come out at night!

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A night walk tour at Mistico Park

A night walk tour at Mistico Park

Kinkajous, kinkajous, kinkajous!

Kinkajous might as well be the most adorable nocturnal animals in the world. Their fur is woolly. They live over 20 years on average, and 90% of their diet consists of ripe fruit. They also love drinking honey from hives, using their long tongues.

The fascinating, so-called small bear/racoon/anteater: The White Nosed Coatimundi What would the offspring of a tiny bear, a racoon, and an anteater look like? A White Nosed Coatimundi! This peculiar forest inhabitant comes out alone at night.

The little leopard: You traveled all the way here to see a margay!

The margay is an impressive wild feline. It is extremely elegant, gorgeous, and noticeably feline. Its spots resemble those of leopards, but margays are much smaller animals. Nocturnal flowers, more butterflies, owls, red-eyed leaf frogs... You will see giant aromatic flowers that only bloom in the dark, over double the number of butterfly species, several types of owls and red-eyed leaf frogs... This is just a glimpse of the various wildlife events occurring at night only–that those who take the night walk at Mistico Park are able to witness.