Capi Capi means Pura Vida in Maleku Jaika language

Introducing Mistico Park Arenal Hanging Bridges, where cultural and environmental heritage are cherished and preserved. We deeply value the ancestral roots shared with the Maleku indigenous people, drawing inspiration from their sacred relationship with Mother Earth. Our commitment to sustainability goes hand in hand with understanding and defending the territorial and cultural rights of the Maleku community. Join us on this journey of responsible preservation, respecting historical artifacts and fostering a harmonious connection with nature.

As part of Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park's sustainability commitments, we recognize the importance of knowing and protecting the territorial and cultural rights of our indigenous peoples.

We share a deep connection with the Maleku people, inheriting ancestral roots and embracing the principles of their cosmology and sacred relationship with the land and natural resources. This inspiration drives us to preserve, care for, and honor the natural sanctuary that is the surrounding tropical forest.

The "Mother Earth" holds a mythical and sacred place in the lives of the Maleku people, as it is the very source of existence and life. Respecting and protecting the land is, for them, showing respect to their ancestors and ancestral spirits, something we also share at Mistico Park.

The harmony that our indigenous peoples maintain with natural resources teaches us a valuable lesson: the importance of preserving our spiritual and historical connection with the forests. It is a constant reminder of the need to protect our environment and work in harmony with nature.

In our commitment to be a responsible organization, we avoid the purchase, sale, and use of historical and archaeological artifacts. We recognize that these cultural relics are part of the heritage of our indigenous peoples and deserve to be treated with respect and preserved for future generations.

At Mistico Park, we take pride in collaborating with the Maleku people and other local communities to promote sustainable tourism that preserves the culture and nature of the region. Through education, mutual respect, and responsible conservation, we aim to ensure that future generations can enjoy the beauty and cultural richness of this land.

Together, let's work to protect and honor the legacy of our indigenous peoples, thus strengthening our commitment to sustainability and respect for Mother Earth and all its creatures. Each step we take towards a more sustainable future is a tribute to the ancestral wisdom that guides us on this exciting journey of preserving and caring for our home: the tropical forest.

"Capi Capi" means "Pura Vida" in Maleku Jaika.

Capi Capi - Maleku Jaika

Capi Capi - Maleku Jaika