Interested in Learning About Our Sustainability Policy?

At Mistico Park, sustainability is at the heart of our mission. We take pride in our commitment to the environment, nearby communities, culture, and the region's economy. Through our sustainability policy, we work to make a positive impact on nature and promote sustainable development in Costa Rica. Join us on this exciting journey through our initiatives and projects that aim to make a difference in the world, balancing tourism with responsible conservation. Discover how together we can create a more sustainable and environmentally responsible future.

🌳Article #1: Mistico assumes the commitment to know and analyze the expectations of the company's various stakeholders regarding environmentally friendly sustainable practices: from shareholders and financial community to employees, customers, partners, suppliers, local communities and society in general.

🌳Article #2: Mistico is committed to carry out the necessary renovations to comply with the regulations linked to Law 7600 (Equal Opportunities for Persons with Disabilities Act).

🌳Article #3: Mistico Park establishes performance guidelines, in accordance with the company's values, contemplating issues such as respect for human rights, environmental protection, health, safety, energy management, fight against climate change, efficient use of resources, respect for the human person, equal opportunities, fiscal responsibility, prevention of illegal conduct and fight against corruption.

🌳Article #4: Manage the risks and opportunities of the development of our activities, with the aim of preventing damage to people, property and the environment.

🌳Article #5: Reduce greenhouse gas emissions generated during operation, to mitigate the effects of climate change through the use of safe, efficient and accessible energy.

🌳Article #6: Ensure compliance with current legal requirements.

🌳Article #7: Establish action plans to contribute to the goals defined in the sustainable development objectives, in accordance with those that are in line with the company's own economic activity and reflect the corporate values, as well as the ethical principles that govern Mistico.

🌳Article #8: Evaluate, review and monitor risk management and control systems systematically, with the purpose of establishing continuous improvement mechanisms; measure performance throughout the life cycle, in order to take the necessary actions to achieve the proposed objectives, defining verification, audit and control processes to ensure them.

🌳Article #9: The company and its collaborators are responsible for the rational use of electrical energy, by monitoring that the electrical installation works efficiently and effectively, as well as avoiding inefficient and ineffective use of electrical current.

🌳Article #10: Ensure the rational use of water resources.

🌳Article #11: Engage our entire value chain: customers, partners, product and service suppliers and other stakeholders, with our sustainability culture.

🌳Article #12: Respond transparently to stakeholders, through economic, environmental and social performance indicators.

🌳Article #13: Create communication channels, making use of available and accessible tools available to the company, in order to inform, engage and maintain a continuous dialogue with stakeholders.

🌳Article #14: Encourage the search for sustainable businesses that contribute to the circular economy, through the creation of social value, establishing partnerships and collaborations with other stakeholders.