What is essential is invisible to the eye: Carbon

Learn how Carbon and the enviorment have impact our lives and the enviorment we live in.

What is the Carbon Footprint?

In our relationship with the ecosystems in which we live, we have an impact on the world through the emission of greenhouse gasses (GHG).

Driving, refrigerating our homes, consuming meat, using electricity, traveling around the world... It's all part of our modern lives, and it increases our Carbon Footprint.

In short, the Carbon Footprint is a way to measure and quantify the impact that each person or company has on climate change, quantifying the impact of their activities, consumption and habits.

Trees in the tropical forest. They help offset the carbon footprint by producing oxygen

Trees in the tropical forest. They help offset the carbon footprint by producing oxygen


Carbon bonds are an international mechanism to reduce the carbon footprint and mitigate the main causes of climate change. By making a monetary contribution to preserve the forests of Mistico Park, anyone in the world can compensate for their Carbon Footprint, benefit the environment, help decarbonize and reduce emissions in Costa Rica and the planet.

The contributions made correspond to how many tons of carbon dioxide emissions you want to offset. But it is more than just that. In addition, Carbon Offsets increase the impact of positive actions such as those carried out in Mistico Park: education for sustainability, conservation of ancestral cultures such as the Guatuso Indians, restoration of wildlife crossings and many more sustainable and regenerative projects.

How can you offset your Carbon Footprint and help the Rainforest?

We want to be pioneers in the regenerative movement in Costa Rica. What we do benefits the environment, helps decarbonization and reduces emissions in Costa Rica, and on the planet. You can be part of our movement to save, restore, preserve and improve the rainforest and the communities that surround it.

Be a tropical forest hero!

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