The canopy offer an environment rich in diversity with a high presence of varied species of epiphytic plants, birds, mammals, butterflies, and much more.

One of the advantages of visiting Mistico Arenal hanging bridges Park is that it provides the guest with a closer view of more species since the bridges have a perspective of view in favor of the light. It is also the same height of the canopy of the forest, which allows you to appreciate the shape of the trees, flowers and species found only in the canopy.

At the reserve you can observe bird species of high and low lands as the bell bird, the Tucancito Esmeralda and trees such as egg yolk, Cirri, Pilón, as well as inshore species such as toucans, turkeys and trees as West Indian mahogany (Swietenia mahagoni) Maquenque and golden fruit.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is part of the biological corridor that allows the flow of large mammal species such as the Puma, Jaguar and the tapirs living between the Volcanic Mountain Range of Guanacaste and the Tilarán mountain range.

Mistico Arenal hanging bridges Park is an ideal place for hiking of observation of flora already that you can find more than 700 species, among the trees, lianas, epiphytes, and herbs.

Also at the level of birds have been observed more than 350 species, including species of height, coastal and migratory. The excellent visibility provided by the bridges also allows you to appreciate the massive migrations of birds of prey between November and February of each year.

You can also perform night walks for the observation of herpetofauna as frogs, snakes, lizards and mammals such as Kinkajou, raccoons, cauceles or margays.