Enjoy strolling comfortably through the beautiful Tropical Rain Forest at Mistico Park and its revitalizing paths full of nature and wildlife.

Walk across the Hanging Bridges and gaze at a 18 meters (60 feet) waterfall within a comfortable non-slippery trail without steps and acquire a once in a life time bracing. Adventure.


Monday to Sunday from
7:30am to 3:50pm (last entrance).
Reservation required.


3.2 kilometers
(2 miles)


10 regular bridges and
6 Hanging Bridges.


Guided tours 2,5 hours
Self-guided walk 2 hours

Available tours at Hanging Bridges Trail

Natural History Tour

8am, 9am, 10am, 12pm, 1pm, 2pm.

Hanging Bridges Walk

From 7:30am to 3:50pm (last entrance)

Rain Forest Night Walk

Guided 6pm
Minimum age 10 years old.

Birding Tour

Guided 6am
Minimum age 10 years old


  • Secured parking lot and restrooms available.
  • Photograph, transportation and restaurant services available for an additional charge.


  • Quick drying clothing

  • Long pants

  • Closed shoes without slits

  • Insect repellent

  • Sunscreen protection

  • Raincoat

  • Water for drink

Bridge Name Length Height
Rufous Garden 8m(26ft) 3.5m(11ft)
Pecari Bridge 20m(65ft) 8m(26ft)
Jacamar Bridge 18m(59ft) 10m(33ft)
Arenal View Hanging Bridge 75m(246ft) 45m(147ft)
Monkey Ladder Bridge 5m(16ft) 1m(3ft)
Pilón Tree Hanging Bridge 53m(174ft) 21m(69ft)
Waterfall Hanging Bridge 92m(300ft) 45m(148ft)
Waterfall Hanging Bridge 92m(300ft) 45m(148ft)
Killed Billed Toucan Bridge 10m(33ft) 3m(10ft)
Mistico Bridge 10m(33ft) 3m(10ft)
Blue Morpho Waterfall - 21m(69ft)
AntHill Hanging Bridge 87m(285ft) 28m(92ft)
Walking Palm Bridge 15m(49ft) 14m(46ft)
Fer-De-Lance Hanging Bridge 48m(157ft) 24m(79ft)
Olingo Bridge 17m(56ft) 8m(26ft)
Crested Guan Bridge 11m(36ft) 8m(26ft)
Tarantula Bridge 8m(26ft) 1,5m(5ft)

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Natural History TourSelf Guided Hanging Bridges Walk.Transport ServicePrivate Transport Service.Photo Service.Meal at Mirador los Puentes Restaurant

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2,5 km east of the dam of Lake Arenal, entrance by the paving stone road beside the dam, La Fortuna- San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica.

Office address in Fortuna

25m north from Banco Nacional office, La Fortuna- San Carlos, Alajuela, Costa Rica.