Hanging Bridges

Hanging Bridges

A trail of 3.2 km in total allows the guest comfortably enjoy the Rain forest attractives with a total of 16 bridges.
Manufactured with German technology, our bridges have an ideal design to provide a contemplative experience of the Rain forest. The strategic position and height of each of the bridges allows you to observe from a favorable perspective to light the different attractions and the thousands of species that inhabit our reservation, trees, flowers, plants, insects, mammals, reptiles, frogs and many others live in an ecosystem in perfect balance.

Mandatory regulations: Closed shoes are required. Sandals or others open shoes are not allowed.


This activity can be guided by one of our experts hosts (Mistico Natural History Tour) or Self-guided at your convenience (Self Guided Hanging Bridges Walk).

Hanging Bridges

Arenal View Bridge Length 75m, Height 45m Pilón Tree Bridge Length 53m, Height 21m Waterfall Bridge, Length 92m, Height 45m
Ant Hill Bridge, Length 87m, Height 28m Fer -De-Lance Bridge, Length 48m, Height 24m Tayra Bridge, Length 97m, Height 24m

Fixed Bridges

Great Currasow Bridge, Length 8m,   Height 3.5m Tarantula Bridge, Length 8m, Height 1,5m
Pecari Bridge, Length 20m, Height 8m Crested Guan Bridge, Length 11m, Height 8m
Jacamar Bridge, Length 18m, Height 10m Olingo Bridge, Length 17m, Height 8m
Monkey Ladder Bridge, Length 5m, Height 1m Walking Palm Bridge, Length 15m, Height 14m
Save The Trees Bridge, Length 10m, Height 3m Mistico Bridge, Length 10m, Height 3m

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