Capi Capi means Pura Vida in Maleku Jaika language

Our commitment with Costa Rica Living Cultures

As part of Mistico Park Arenal Hanging Bridges' sustainability commitments, we understand that we must get to know our native peoples and defend their territorial and cultural rights.

We share ancestral roots with the Maleku people, and the principles of their cosmology, and their relationship with the land and natural resources, inspire Mistico Park to preserve, care for and honor the natural sanctuary in the rainforest.

The mythical relationship the Maleku have with "Mother Earth" is sacred. She is the source of life, and her preservation and respect is also respect for the ancestors and spirits for the Maleku communities.

The harmony that our native peoples maintain with natural resources constantly reminds us of the spiritual and historical connection we have with the forests.

Likewise, our organization is also to preserve the Maleku's ancestral knowledge, practices, territories and beliefs, and to ensure that their historical and archeological artifacts are preserved and protected. Mistico, categorized as a responsible organization, avoids the purchase, sale and use of historical and archaeological artifacts.