Reservation Policies at Mistico Park

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park is a biological reserve, subject to the forestry law of the Republic of Costa Rica. We intend to have as many people as possible enjoy the beauties found inside this protected forest. However, because it is fragile, it is our duty to oversee and control access and visitor behavior to minimize the impact on the flora and fauna. Therefore, it is essential that visitors abide by the following regulations:

Entrance Regulations

1. For your safety, please stay within the trail. Do not step on the forest ground, and do not allow your guide or others to do so.

2. In order to not disturb the structured systems of nature, please do not take any plants or wildlife from the park.

3. Food during the tour is not allowed. Please inform our staff if necessary for health reasons and keep any waste with you to dispose of in the appropriate container located outside the trail at the end of the tour.

4. It is completely prohibited to feed or imitate the sounds of animals within the park, as this disturbs the wildlife species. Therefore, food is not allowed on the trail.

5. Although the hanging bridges have been designed to withstand a large amount of weight, the maximum number of people allowed on the bridge at the same time is 15 individuals. This is to maintain safety margins according to our safety standards.

6. Enjoy safely, jumping, rocking, or running is not allowed on hanging bridges. The bridges are strongly made, but any extreme event may cause unexpected failure of the structures.

7. In order to respect nature and other visitors' experience, we recommend maintaining a low voice. The use of radios, loudspeakers, or similar devices within the reserve is not allowed.

8. Mistico Park is a safe area. Our personnel is trained to assist visitors under inconvenient situations. Please let us know if you or someone else may need assistance.

9. If you use laser pointer, please do not point directly at the specimen, the wildlife are sensitive to light.

10. The consumption of illegal substances, liquor, or tobacco is not allowed inside the park.

11. The entrance to the reserve must be done without pets due to the fragility of the ecosystem and to protect domestic animals from any unexpected reaction from wildlife that inhabits the park.

12. We recommend entering to the trails with fully closed shoes, covering the entiry foot.

13. In Mistico Park it is not possible to fly drones inside the park.

14. With your visit to Mistico Park you will collaborate directly in sponsorships of social programs and local charities and environmental education institutions.

Cancellation & Return Policy


All reservations must be canceled or modified 48 hours prior to the tour, otherwise 100% of the cost will be charged. Reservations canceled more than 48 hours prior to the tour start time apply 100% of the refund of the amount paid. In case of activities cancellation due to safety procedures in the event of an electrical storm and / or other causes determined by our Operations, Prevention and Risks Department, in which the client's safety must be safeguarded, the activity in question will be reprogrammed in the first instance. Scheduled on a later date according to the operative possibilities of the park and the convenience of the client. In the event that the rescheduling of the activities will be not possible, the prepaid amount will be reimbursed to the client according to the means of payment used. No refund applies for transport services already consumed by the customer.

Note: Any force majeure event that occurs please contact us and we will gladly evaluate the situation.


The schedule for initiating the activities will always be given on the confirmation of the reservation, which the client must later present at the reception of Mistico Park at least 15 minutes before the start of the tour. In the event that the client does not arrive on time and cannot be integrated into the activity they will be noted as absent and a financial refund will not apply. If the conditions permit, a Mistico Park host can proceed to reprogram the activity without any additional cost, so long as there is space and availability for the requested times.


For transportation services, the schedule for picking up clients in their hotel will be noted and sent in each reservation confirmation. If the clients are not at the hotel reception at the indicated time for their transportation (“Pick-Up”) the chauffeur is authorized to wait five minutes. In the event that the clients do not present themselves within the allotted time, the driver will then gather the signature of a hotel collaborator and will depart, noting the clients as a “No Show” (absent) for which they will be charged in full (100%) for the services promised.


The prices of certain services, such as those for transportation, are subject to change due to any sudden adjustments for varying costs or entry fees under a new force of the government tax regulation.<

Mistico Park reserves the right of admission, and in the case of any omissions to the regulations they will grant exit without right to reimbursement to those who do not fulfill the rules of the park.

Mistico Park depends on a System of Security Management that complies with the norms of law, which concerns itself with any risks through use of equipment, procedures, and training. This minimizes the probability and/or consequences of these risks, but does not avoid them.