Mistico Park History

Century XX

The history of Mistico Park, where Costa Rica’s famous hanging bridges are located, dates back to the early 20th Century, with husband and wife Adrián Castillo and Landelina Rodríguez Sánchez, both born and raised in La Fortuna, San Carlos. Fruitfully they worked the land inherited from their parents, located in the Arenal Volcano foothills. In that time, this holy land of great natural wealth was neglected because of its remote location and difficult access. However, the Castillo Rodríguez family’s vision was broader, as they knew that the true value of the land lay in its natural treasures. This is why they decided to keep the part of the mountain populated by forest intact.

Century XXI

At the beginnings of the 21st Century, the family decides to share the forest sanctuary with the world and hires a company to oversee the development of the ecotourism project named Los Puentes Colgantes del Arenal (The Arenal Hanging Bridges), which would offer people from around the world the opportunity to admire the forest’s beauty safely and comfortably. Twelve years later, as per the initial agreement, the developing company delivers the project’s operation to its owners, who still manage the reserve to date, through their grandchildren.


Under the Mistico Park brand, today the Park not only offers the hanging bridges experience, but also a wide variety of tours for visitors of all backgrounds, where they can have direct contact with nature housing several native species in an ecosystem full of biodiversity.

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