5 Tips for Ziplining near Arenal Volcano

Ziplining near Arenal Volcano in Costa Rica is among the top thrilling experiences that every adrenaline junkie must add to its checklist. A formidable surrounding... The feeling of flying through the forest... An adrenaline kick shared by friends and family just prior to this extraordinary adventure.

Guides make sure all safety standards are met before the adventure begins. Thrill, laughter, the breeze on your face. Finally, you fly off into a heavenly forest.

Ziplining gives you a lifetime of memories. Anyone looking to enjoy this unbeatable adrenaline rush in Costa Rica’s mystic natural environment should follow these five essential tips–to make the experience even more unforgettable.

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Enjoying the Costa Rica ziplining adrenaline.

Enjoying the Costa Rica ziplining adrenaline.

Go with a group

Ziplining is filled with unique, indescribable sensations, and it is also perfect to enjoy with family and friends. Seeing the beauty of the environment from an unbeatable spot is definitely more fun if shared with loved ones.

Listen to your guide

Follow your guides’ instructions and direct all concerns to them. For a safe experience, listen carefully to the instructions on basic ziplining techniques.

Apply sunscreen

When all you can think about is flying among tree tops, it is easy to forget you will be exposed to the sun. You can never be too cautious! Remember to apply sunscreen before this amazing adventure.

Wear appropriate clothes

As any physical activity, ziplining requires wearing comfortable clothes–a casual attire will do. Remember you will be wearing a full body harness (wrapped around the legs extending over the shoulders). Long shorts or light pants are highly recommended for ultimate comfort.

Don’t be afraid

This is a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. Be in the moment. If nerves are getting the best of you, ask to go second or third. However, don’t wait too long.

“Adventure: The Pursuit of Life.” Daniel Roy Wiarda.

Now you know the top spot to fully enjoy the natural wonders of San Carlos and take a ziplining tour near Arenal Volcano. Because it is not only about going for it–it’s choosing the right spot. Ziplining is best experienced when you are able to witness nature’s treasures responsibly. You can have this experience at Mistico Park. Its location allows visitors to marvel at Costa Rica's natural beauty from an unbeatable spot.

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