5 accessible tourism experiences to enjoy at Mistico Park

Exploring our planet is a UN-ratified right. No one should be deprived of the opportunity to travel and visit different corners of the world, hence the importance of accessible tourism. At Mistico Park, we are fully committed to ensuring everybody has access to tourist activities. This is possible by understanding the customers’ true needs and requirements.

Universal tourism should be at the core of all tourist destinations, products, and services, to ensure they are enjoyed autonomously, safely, and under the relevant quality standards. “Accessible tourism” refers to the process of adapting tourist destinations, products, and services to be accessed, used, and enjoyed by all users, under the Universal Design principles.” World Tourism Organization (UNWTO).

One of the countries showing significant progress in implementing accessible tourism is Costa Rica. Numerous ecotourism companies providing adventure activities in the region are now equipped to provide universal accessibility to all visitors.

Every human being has the right to access our world’s natural wealth. This is fundamental to ensure every citizen’s right to tourism.

By implementing the Universal Tourism Law, Act 7600, Costa Rica has become an accessible tourism destination. The sector’s rapid growth posed new challenges towards responsible, sustainable and inclusive tourism.

Mistico Park took on this challenge as well and channeled its efforts on serving all of its visitors. Employees have been trained and guided on how to provide high-quality accessible tourism services. The following are some of our major tours featuring accessible tourism facilities:

Accesible Tours at Mistico Park.

Accesible Tours at Mistico Park.

Paco’s Horses

This is a great choice to feel nature’s peace. The ride will take you to thick forests, gorgeous scenery, and park trails. This adventure will feel as if time stopped. Your senses will sharpen and you will start to really appreciate the colors and sounds of the natural environment. Put your mind at ease by going on this family-friendly adventure.

Night Walk

If you are curious at heart, you most likely have wondered about what goes on in tropical rainforests at night. If this is you, then the Night Guided Tour is your best option. You will get to know different wildlife, walk in the trails, and cross several hanging bridges. Through this experience you will acquire an entirely different perspective on ecosystems. Some of the animals you will see during the trip are frogs, snakes, lizards, kinkajous, coatis, margays, and owls. The symphony of forest sounds at night sharpens our senses–an experience that everyone can enjoy.

Natural History

Mistico Park is widely known for being part of the biological corridor enabling the flow of large mammal species like the mountain lion. Additionally, it is an unbeatable spot for plant watching walks: You will find over 700 species, including trees, vines, epiphytes, and herbs.

Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park houses the coming together of several different ecosystems that creates a transition vegetation strip with high biodiversity. It is located between the edges of two types of forest, highland and lowland, and integrates both of them.

Spider Monkey Tour

An adventure sport like this one is indeed possible, and we make it an accessible tourist experience. The Spider Monkey Tour is a recreational, extremely fun, and a unique way to explore nature. It aims to be the most comprehensive experience in ecotourism adventure: It involves several activities such as leaping into rocky ponds, ziplining, and rappelling.

No one can deny the Spider Monkey Tour is the most dynamic adventure package in Costa Rica, and it can be enjoyed by anyone over the age of 8.

These tours are best enjoyed with family. Every experience is enhanced if you’re with a group.

Through accessible tourism practices activities are universally accessible. Our guides and facilities are fully equipped to assist all visitors looking for fun and adrenaline.