Sustainable Development Goals are experienced by the children of La Fortuna

This is a chronicle of the event held at La Fortuna Sports Center in December 18

On December 18, an event was held at the La Fortuna Sports Center to promote the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) among the children of La Fortuna de San Carlos. Among the achievements of the activity, we were able to promote the five areas in which the Sustainable Development Goals are divided: people, planet, prosperity, partnership and peace.

The message we want to convey to the community is that we can all contribute a grain of sand to achieve practical improvements in these aspects to 44 children in the area aged 2 to 12 years, as well as the 12 adults who accompanied them.

The message was transmitted through fun and entertainment, by means of games and a show with a clown, a magic show and activities with an entertainer, as well as positive music. To make this event possible, we had the sponsorship of companies that believe in sustainability such as Mistico Park Arenal Hanging Bridges; thanks to their contribution we were able to cover the costs of the event (sound, first assistance, animation of the event and fruits for the event).

We are very grateful for the receptiveness to the message from the children and adults, as well as the Fortuna businessmen who supported the initiative of promoting the Sustainable Development Goals.

Sustineri Team