Birds You Can See at Mistico Birdwatching Tour

The birds’ singing creates a natural melody that goes beyond the horizon in Costa Rica. Over 400 bird species have been observed at Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park. The ecosystem witnesses the flight of colorful, loud, and dauntless birds who are masters of an exceptional environment: a sea of wavy clouds. This tremendous spectacle is available during our Birding Guided Tour.

Mistico Park is located in one of the most biologically diverse regions, between the Guanacaste Volcanic Mountain Range, the Tilarán Volcanic Mountain Range, and the Northern Plains. (This is a most privileged location, as it allows watching birds at different altitudes.) Birding in Costa Rica is one of the most exciting natural pleasures. Birds show themselves from within the tropical sites–and even pose according to their wild habits.

In Mistico Park, the birding tour involves a walk in the hanging bridges trail, an unbeatable spot to watch birds in Costa Rica.

Mysterious, exotic, and sublime: The 10 fascinating bird species in our tour will put your spotting skills to the test.

Crested Guan

Crested Guan
    1. Clay-colored Thrush: It is the national bird of Costa Rica. Its call is special: It is traditionally more evident at the start of the rainy season in the country. Yellow and brown-feathered, the Clay-colored Thrush inhabits different environments, including urban areas and jungles.
    1. Jacamar: A bird with shiny, colorful feathers and a long beak and tail. It feeds on insects and usually flies in pairs or individually. You can watch this bird at Mistico Park’s tropical forest.
    1. Toucan: A truly exotic-looking bird that is a birding tour must-see. Its lively colors make it easy to spot. Its beak attracts attention because of its length and exuberance. It generally feeds on insects and fruit. Interestingly, toucans occasionally share food for courting purposes. Costa Rica is home to the Northern Emerald-Toucanet, an endemic species in the country. Other commonly seen species are the Chestnut-Mandibled, Aracari, and Rainbow Beak toucans.
    1. Crested Owl: If you are a fan of this mythical bird, your watching experience will be all the more fantastic. It is a nocturnal species with two light-colored crests starting at the center of its face and a circle of brown feathers for detecting prey.
    1. Crested Guan: This species is one of the most skilled to live in groups. Their feathers vary in color, ranging from brown to gray and mixed with the red of its legs. They are generally found in cloudy forests–and certainly find the perfect habitat at Mistico Arenal Hanging Bridges Park.
    1. Hummingbird: In Mistico Arenal’s flowery and tree-filled environment, the hummingbird is king of the flower kingdom. The fluttering of wings reveals their colorful feathers and, although tiny, this bird is essential to pollination. This species will enchant you with its magical colors.
    1. Broad-billed Motmot: Native of Central American tropical environments, this is a bird that swings the two feathers on its (racket-shaped) tail to show danger. We are sure you are going to love its sneaky movements.
    1. Guianan Trogon: This bird stands out for its colorful plumage, the mix of bright green, blue and yellow. It is usually a loner–watch out for when it moves from branch to branch.
    1. Tanager: It is a bird with an amazing mix of orange, red and black colors.
    1. Parrot: Among other birds, parrots are representative of Costa Rica, known for their unmistakable plumage and naughty singing. You will notice them flying in groups.

Rufous Motmot

 Rufous Motmot