Snake Species You Can See at Mistico Park in Costa Rica

Many–if not most–people believe snakes are filthy, slimy and dangerous animals to keep at a considerable distance. In reality, however, this is often far from the truth. Of the 138 snake species in Costa Rica, only 22 are venomous, which don’t even pose a big threat to humans.

Many snakes will only attack if threatened so, to prevent snake bites, stay away and don’t try to touch them. The Costa Rican snake population plays a key role in preserving the ecosystem biodiversity and controlling animal population. All snakes are carnivores and usually eat rats, frogs and even other snakes.

Snakes can be found in all kinds of habitats, ranging from desserts to rainforests, and the Mistico Park forest is home to multiple fascinating snake species. In our Natural History Guided Tour and Night Walk, as you witness these misunderstood creatures’ beauty, our guides will teach you about the rich snake biodiversity in our sanctuary. The following are only a few of the snake species you will likely see in our forest.

Snakes at Mistico Park

Snakes at Mistico Park

Coral snakes and false coral snakes

During your walk, it’s possible you will come across several coral snakes and their impersonators. Coral snakes are brightly colored with yellow, black and red stripes. They are shy and solitary, and encounters with humans are rare. False coral snakes may look like coral snakes, but a closer look will reveal that they are actually different. You are more likely to see coral snakes at night, when they are hunting small animals like amphibians and even other snakes.


There is a different type of snake also inhabiting the forest: the viper family. The eyelash viper is a gorgeous example of a viper, which can be differently colored. Their distinctive scales over their eyes resemble actual eyelashes, making them the jungle’s prettiest snakes.

The green vine snake and other tree snakes

Green vine snakes are long, extremely thin, and triangle-headed snakes that spend most of their time in trees, hunting small birds and lizards. They are awake and hunt during the day, so there is a good chance you will encounter one in our guided walks.

Snake at Mistico Park

Snake at Mistico Park

Our guided walks through the forest allow you to see nature in a way that zoos don’t. You will catch sight of multiple creatures in addition to snakes, and you will be introduced to ecosystem dynamics and Costa Rica’s biodiversity. Book your Night Guided Tour now!