Sostenibilidad en Escuela Emblemática Internacional de San Francisco

In San Ramón, Alajuela, the Sustainable School flourishes as a seedbed of professionals dedicated to nature. By forming grateful naturalists and doctors, this institution has left a mark on society. Mistico Park approaches the school to learn and share experiences, collaborating in teaching sustainability from an early age and reaffirming the commitment to environmental conservation. Together, we weave a story of hope and environmental preservation that transcends borders.

Located on an agricultural estate in San Ramón, Alajuela, this school has been the starting point for training professionals such as naturalists and doctors, who gratefully return to recognize the valuable contribution that the institution makes to society.

The efforts dedicated to building a solid foundation in education are bearing fruit.

Mistico Park has come to this school with the purpose of learning about their methods and tools for teaching sustainability from a young age, and in turn, sharing our experiences from the natural sanctuary. The collaboration between Mistico Park and the school has further strengthened the commitment to environmental conservation and the promotion of sustainable practices. Together, we are working to inspire future generations to become advocates for nature and leaders in sustainable development.

Teacher Julieta showed us how the school focuses on practical learning, where children interact with natural resources and become sensitized to sustainability issues through play. On the premises, signs can be found that say: "You will eat from the fruit of your labor, be happy, and all will be well."

A typical day at this school involves learning about the digestive system, colors, and the number Pi, while working in the garden and on the land.

In addition to learning about sustainable development, the children live in a community economy. Both students and parents participate in entrepreneurial projects, as one of the school's goals is to foster the entrepreneurial spirit. The school has a cooperative in which all children participate, called "Copeburrito."

The atmosphere is joyful and collaborative, with everyone dancing, playing, and participating in fairs, always ready to help each other.

Ultimately, the children build their own learning and support each other. Strengthening community fabric and the local economy is also part of the sustainable development goals that are lived in the school, where all members are involved in entrepreneurial projects and community activities.

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