Why should Costa Rica prioritize tropical rainforest preservation?

Costa Rica is a country with unbeatable natural beauty and delightful scenery. Beaches, cities, flora, and fauna are the main drivers of domestic and international tourism. The tropical rainforest is promoted heavily for this purpose.

However, its significance lies beyond the tourism purposes. The tropical rainforest ensures ecological balance, contributes oxygen, enables the replenishing of groundwater reserves, preserves soil fertility by producing organic matter, and serves as home to countless animals.

Forests occupy 7% of the Earth’s land and are home to almost 50% of the world’s biodiversity.

For these reasons, tropical rainforest conservation efforts are paramount in countering the effects of global warming. They prevent soil erosion caused by wind or water.

The tropical rainforest triggers rains during transpiration

Historically, Costa Rica has served as biological bridge, expected to preserve forests–the vegetation covering a third of the national territory.

Tropical rainforest: habitat for plants and animals

Jungles and tropical forests house over 30 million species of animals and plants worldwide, which accounts for half of the Earth’s fauna and a little over two thirds of its flora, respectively.

Jungles and tropical forests evolved over 60 to 100 million years. They are considered the oldest and most complex of ecosystems.

The diversity of vegetation is possible thanks to the warm, humid weather: 1,000 trees with a variety of up to 300 species can grow in a single hectare–surely a fantastic contribution to ecosystem balance and natural resource availability. The tropical rainforest reduces soil erosion.

Another reason why Costa Rica should prioritize tropical forest conservation is their role in preventing soil erosion.

Soil removed by rains ends up in rivers, sediments accumulating in fish’s mating sites and thus hampering their habitat. Also, erosion is detrimental to human transport when waterways are blocked by sediments.

“At the distance from the Earth to the Sun, if there were no layer of gases trapping infrared radiation, the average temperature of the planet would be -15 ºC. And without oxygen the animals’ metabolism wouldn’t be able to function.” El Mundo.

Rainforests are like sponges absorbing rainwater and then making way for water to travel on leaves, roots, and branches, until it seeps into the soil. This process occurs in streams, springs, and rivers throughout the year.

Forest conservation in Costa Rica

The endless benefits provided by the tropical rainforest makes its preservation crucial to sustain life on Earth. This pledge has led to the creation of private and public reserves.

One of such places that has taken on the challenge is Mistico Park, a private reserve founded at the beginning of the last century by husband and wife Adrián Castillo and Landelina Rodríguez, who fruitfully worked the land inherited from their parents. Located in La Fortuna, San Carlos, Mistico Park has become one of the top ecotourism adventure destinations. Visiting this park gives you the chance to appreciate the wonderful flora and fauna adorning most of the country’s landscape.

You will walk on hanging bridges to gain incredible views of Costa Rica’s nature, or you might prefer to practice extreme sports on the mighty Arenal Volcano hillsides.

Regardless of your tour of choice, the forest will always be around you while you enjoy safely and comfortably.

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There is no doubt about it: Preserving the tropical rainforests is essential to keep the world’s flora and fauna alive, and also to inherit a healthy planet to our children.

At Mistico Park, we are permanently aware of the importance of tropical forest conservation. With that in mind, we offer you opportunities to experience the harmony, peace, and adventure that only nature can provide. Come to Mistico Park. You will have the time of your life.

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