Mistico Park is committed to environmental sustainability.

This is how Mistico Park cares for and respects nature, its staff, and the community.

🌳Article #1: Mistico Park does not have and will not have wild animals in captivity, and will seek the protection of wild animals in its territory.

🌳Article #2: Mistico Park Company does not allow the cutting of trees and deforestation of forested areas on its lands in order to contribute to the conservation of the country's forest resources.

🌳Article #3: Mistico Park commits to consume only in cases where natural methods, products that have environmental or social contraindications in order to reduce their application in the park.

🌳Article #4: Mistico Park commits to always look for environmentally friendly alternatives before any other solution that leads to a significant environmental impact.

🌳Article #5: Mistico Park company will give priority to purchase from those suppliers that are responsible for their waste, and that also have environmental policies that commit them to an analysis of industrial processes aimed at the preventive treatment of environmental impacts.

🌳Article #6: The company chooses its suppliers in accordance with the PANIAMOR code of ethics on the sexual exploitation of Costa Rican children.

🌳Article #7: The company follows precisely the regulations imposed by the Organic Environmental Law No. 7554 with the relevant national environmental legislation (discharge and reuse of wastewater, hazardous waste, and use of agrochemicals, among others). Místico Park assumes to comply with the appropriate hygiene and safety conditions for the health of our customers, employees, suppliers and communities, in general.

🌳Article #8: The company is responsible for solid waste as well as waste from gray water and wastewater in an appropriate manner, according to the specifications of the Ministry of Health.

🌳Article #9: The company is committed to avoid waste and contamination of the water resources in order to contribute to its conservation.

🌳Article #10: The company within its operating policies seeks to promote responsible and sustainable tourism, sharing with its clients information about both the environmental area they visit and the living cultures of the place, the least impact to the area and to make the Costa Rican culture known.

🌳Article #11: The company has a waste management system, both in its different departments and on tours within the park. Trying to reduce irrational consumption, in addition to using biodegradable products, returnable, or recyclable products to minimize the amount of waste.

🌳Article #12: Mistico Park's employees, regardless of the department to which they belong, are committed to carry out and promote the proper separation of solid waste.

🌳Article #13: The company takes advantage of energy by using energy-saving light bulbs and new LED technology. Lights are turned on only when necessary.

🌳Article #14: The company regulates a lower consumption of water, trying to avoid the waste of water, both in the office and in the park.

🌳Article #15: The company reduces the use of paper through the implementation of computer systems and new technologies, as well as by reusing paper.

🌳Article #16: Mistico Park assumes to comply with the hygiene and safety conditions adequate for the health of our customers, collaborators, suppliers and communities, in general.

🌳Article #17: The company decreases the use of paper through the implementation of computer systems and new technologies, as well as through the reuse of paper.

🌳Article #18: The company, to the extent possible, seeks to hire carriers that use modern and well-maintained units that consume only the necessary fuel, keep the fuel, keep gas emissions under control and are not too noisy. They must also have the Vehicle Technical Review and the corresponding insurance up to date.

🌳Article #19: The company supports the promotion of local values and cultures through initiatives that promote human development in the park.

🌳Article #20: Mistico Park will keep its personnel undergoing continuous training in both environmental and cultural topics in order to promote the principles of environmental education and care for Costa Rican idiosyncrasy.

🌳Article #21: Mistico Park is committed to implement continuous improvement systems with the objective of always providing good service to customers from the protection of the environment and Costa Rican culture.