5 Benefits of Green Areas

When was the last time you took a stroll in an outdoor green area, or were in contact with animals, or went for a swim in a river?

When was the last time you took a stroll in an outdoor green area, or were in contact with animals, or went for a swim in a river? We hope the answer is not too long ago, as these activities extend your time on Earth and make you a healthier, happier, and more productive person.

If you are constantly surrounded by cars, noise, and hustle, you should regularly plan a visit to a green area. It can be a park, open field or river. Indeed, Swedish researchers claim that living in highly urbanized cities increases the risk of suffering from psychosis and depression.

Physicians prescribing visits to green areas is no joke–overcoming diseases and preventing ailments requires taking in natural light and sunlight, which are pleasant to the body and give it vitality.

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If you are hesitant about taking a field trip, read the following five essential wellbeing benefits of green areas.

Mistico Waterfall

Mistico Waterfall

Benefits of Green Areas

1. Help combat stress and depression

If you often find yourself feeling tired and in no mood to take over the world, the medicine you are needing is nature. Being in a green area, surrounded by trees, plants and animals, facilitates recovering from exhaustion. A green environment combats stress, anxiety and depression. What is more, it increases the likelihood of feeling successful in different areas of life, as it contributes to an emotional balance.

Pacos Horses Tour at Mistico Park.

Pacos Horses Tour at Mistico Park.

2. Favor brain development

In this era of ubiquitous technology, we must not forget that growing children need direct contact with nature–not only with computers or cell phones.

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Exploring meadows, watching the sky, and running on hills play an irreplaceable role in the little ones’ brain development. So if you are a parent, grandparent, or aunt/uncle, take the kids on a trip to a green area, where their cognitive development will improve by 5%, especially in terms of speed for processing simple and complex information.

Children playing in a green area.

Children playing in a green area.

3. Prevent respiratory diseases

If you have a condition related to respiratory diseases, the body's essential remedy is fresh air, as disease-transmitting bacteria die when exposed to the sun.

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Also, by being a natural source of oxygen, trees improve the quality of the air breathed in big, polluting cities.

Rufus Garden Mistico Park

Rufus Garden Mistico Park

4. Promote physical activities

For all those who dislike performing physical activities, talking a walk in a green area is a good alternative. Exercise is proven to boost metabolism, make you happier, prevent cardiovascular diseases and diabetes, and deliver more energy,

Happy People in Costa Rica

Happy People in Costa Rica

5. Facilitate social interaction

Green areas are places where people meet when engaging in exercise and recreational and rest activities. This way you can leave your comfort zone and make new friendships.

There are several other benefits of green areas, but for now, we want you to save a date to go on a field trip and start seeing positive changes in your body. If you want to know more about how being in harmony with nature, we invite you to read this article: https://porch.com/advice/harmony-nature

Don't wait any longer. Go out and enjoy the amazing benefits offered by nature–for free and with no restrictions! You are one stroll through the park (or forest) away from achieving a health status worthy of a “pura vida”.