All about canyoneering: adventure tour in Costa Rica

Costa Rica has been blessed with over 802 miles of coast and countless lakes and rivers, making it the ideal destination for those seeking extreme adventures such as canyoning–which allows you to see nature in a whole new light.

Can you picture yourself climbing down walls with huge rocks and loud waterfalls? This is what canyoning is all about, and it is considered the most extreme adventure tour in Costa Rica because it combines various techniques, such as climbing down canyons and waterfalls using ropes, swimming, jumping and climbing.

Origin of canyoning

This activity was born as a sport in Europe in the 70s. It is currently performed in several countries, for example: United States, Germany, Switzerland, Portugal, Australia, Costa Rica, Brazil, Croatia, Turkey, Greece, Italy, France, Ecuador, among others. There are two types of canyoning. On the one hand, professional canyoning involves athletes trained on climbing, river currents and using ropes. They don’t use artificial anchors (not disruptive to nature).

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On the other hand, recreational canyoning is what most people seeking adventure can access with their enthusiasm alone. It employs platforms, artificial anchors, safety ropes, several guides, and pre-established routes, all to make it equally fun and safe.

Customer rappelling down the waterfall.

Customer rappelling down the waterfall.

Equipment required for canyoning (aka canyoneering)

  • 1- Helmet: It will protect you from any object falling on your head.
  • 2- Harness: It ties you to the ropes used to descend.
  • 3- Carabiner: They are metal links used to connect ropes and cables.
  • 4- Ropes: They provide greater stability when descending.
  • 5- Slings: Tied to anchors and safety lines.
  • 6- Pulleys: They are used to install a zip line and for traveling down the line.

Customer puttin on the equipment

Customer puttin on the equipment

Where can I go on this adventure tour in Costa Rica?

The perfect scenario for canyoning is rugged canyons, river or creeks with waterfalls, caves and ponds. Basically, wherever there are many obstacles to challenge your fears. Cliffs, waterfalls, slides, or pools to leap into and swim across.

If you come to Costa Rica looking for canyoning spots, you are going to love it here. Tremendous scenery including canyons will have you experiencing adventures like you never imagined.

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Guide helping kid to go down the hill

Guide helping kid to go down the hill

Among the ideal spots for safe canyoning are: Turrialba, Dota, Bagaces, La Fortuna and Liberia.

It is important to note that all tour operators must follow a protocol to instruct visitors on equipment use and safety measures. All tours begin with a talk to explain how to use the equipment correctly (helmet, gloves, harness). Visitors are also instructed on what to do in case of emergency, and questions from visitors are answered. Canyoning can also be enjoyed with friends and family.

Don’t miss out on this amazing adventure!