7 Reasons Why You Should Travel to Costa Rica

If you are planning a trip to Costa Rica but are really not into green destinations, kind people, the sounds of nature, tasteful cuisines, and paradise beaches, then you should probably unpack and stay home. If this is not you, we welcome you to one of the greenest, cleanest, and most peaceful places on Earth: Costa Rica, where happiness is around the corner.

It is known as the “Pura Vida” country–for obvious reasons–where people have more reasons to laugh than to cry. They favor healthy lifestyles and a sustainable development of natural resources. Naturally, all world citizens should visit Costa Rica.

From large tropical forest areas to seemingly infinite beaches, beauty and adventure live in every corner of this tiny country. For those needing last-minute convincing, here are 7 reasons why you should travel to Costa Rica:

Reasons Why You Should Travel to Costa Rica

1. Biodiversity

Any nature lover’s ultimate destination is Costa Rica. Its geographic location favors biological diversity. An incredible fact is that this tiny piece of land accounts for just 0.3% of the Earth’s total surface and yet houses 5% of its biodiversity. The various habitats and ecosystems in Costa Rica are home to 13,000 plant species, 2,000 butterfly species, 163 amphibian species, 220 reptile species, 1,600 fresh- and salt-water fish species, and at least 870 types of birds. This is in addition to an unbelievable number of different mammals and insects.

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The country has protected biodiversity through laws and sustainable practices aimed at preserving natural resources. Therefore, when visiting the country, you will also learn the importance of taking care of wildlife. Among the best places for being in contact with nature is Mistico Park in La Fortuna, San Carlos.

7 reasons why you should travel to Costa Rica.

7 reasons why you should travel to Costa Rica.

2. Authentic culture

Like most Latin American countries, Costa Ricans are proud of their nation and display this in celebrations and traditions across the national territory. One of the most representative celebrations is the annual religious pilgrimage to the Basilica of Cartago known as “Romería”, in which almost two million people participate.

For those wishing to learn about Costa Rican history, San José, the capital city, is the place to go. This city gathers the country’s major museums, such as the Costa Rican Art Museum and the National Museum, with collections exhibiting archaeological artifacts and natural specimens. These sites illustrate a big part of the country's identity, so you should definitely add them to your “Pura Vida” checklist.

Costa Rica Culture

Costa Rica Culture
  1. Paradise beaches

If all you’re looking for is lying in the sun at a beach, there is no better destination for you than Costa Rica. The scenery and sunsets look as if they had been photoshopped. In Costa Rica, both locals and foreigners are lucky to enjoy beaches in two coastlines, Pacific and Caribbean.

Want to see all of this for yourself? As first beach destination we recommend the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Guanacaste; the major hotels are located here. The shores are white-sand and the waters clear, and you will get to see coral reefs. The waves here make the country a famous surf destination worldwide.

Beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

Beautiful beaches in Costa Rica

4. Delicious food

Costa Rica is the ultimate destination to try new flavors. Its cuisine is based on rice and beans, and the abundant rain and sun across the territory allows for many different exotic crops, such as pineapple, papaya, mango, avocado, and plantain. All of these are present in traditional Costa Rican food.

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Traveling to Costa Rica means you are in for a fantastic treat–literally. This volcano land will wake you up to a breakfast meal of rice, beans, cilantro, peppers, onion, and sauce, served with tortillas, eggs, white cheese, and fried plantain. While this dish may sound ordinary, its flavors will captivate you like nothing you ever tasted before.

Costa Rica Typical Food: Gallo Pinto.

Costa Rica Typical Food: Gallo Pinto.

5. Safety

Costa Rica is also known internationally for not having an army. It was the first country to abolish it, in 1948. Lacking an army has had no effect on preserving citizen peace and sovereignty–citizens themselves preserve them.

Don’t hesitate to visit Costa Rica: It is one of the safest and most forward-thinking countries in Latin America. You will notice here that all tourist sites have high security. Additionally, tourists are always treated with kindness and respect. The people’s warmth and fluency in English makes tourists’ time in Costa Rica feel like home.

6. Climate

Costa Ricans enjoy a nearly perfect climate throughout the year, with warm weather, sunny days, and refreshing rains. The dry season is from December to May and is the high tourist season due to the sunny, warm weather. This is when most travelers head to Costa Rica. May to November, the rainy season, sees heavy rains occurring intermittently throughout the day. Some people actually don’t mind the rain and would much rather visit Costa Rica in this season, especially since prices are lower and the rain cools the hot days and night.

Costa Rica Weather

Costa Rica Weather

7. Adventure everywhere

Costa Rica is every adventure lover’s dream destination because of its wide variety of adrenaline-filled activities. The country’s topography births different landscapes, so it’s possible to go on various trips in a short period of time.

In Costa Rica, you can go trekking in clearly marked trails and fly through the clouds while ziplining. Surfers will find paradise in Costa Rica thanks to the stunning waves throughout

the year, amiable weather, and warm waters. Extreme sports fans can go rafting in rapids surrounded by formidable nature. We could go on naming more reasons to travel to Costa Rica, but for now, we rather wait for you to pack your bags and head our way to see this all for yourself!

Let us join you in discovering the true essence of Costa Rica!