5 tips for canyoning first-timers.

If going on adventures is on your bucket list, or if you are simply craving adrenaline, then you must try canyoning. If you have yet to find a suitable destination, here is one: Costa Rica. It is the ideal scenario: large areas with breathtaking scenery, canyons, clear waterfalls... The perfect place to challenge your fears.

You don’t have to be a canyoning pro, but we do expect a positive attitude and that you follow some recommendations. Here are 5 tips for canyoning first-timers.

Canyoning in Costa Rica.

Canyoning in Costa Rica.

Basic tips to go canyoning

1. Check the weather forecast

One determining factor in canyoning is the weather. So we recommend that you check the weather forecast before leaving home, to avoid having to return early due to poor weather. Also, it is important to know whether it rained the days before, as rains increase the water level and obstruct access to the ground.

2. Choose appropriate clothes and equipment

Comfort is also key in canyoning. To be able to enjoy canyoning to the fullest you must wear quick-dry clothes as well as water-resistant shoes, and carry an additional set of clothes. Remember to apply mosquito repellent as well as sunscreen to protect your skin from UV rays.

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In terms of equipment, you should expect the tour operator to provide you with helmet, harness, carabiners, ropes, wetsuit boots, and gloves for a safe descent.

Crossing a hanging bridge.

Crossing a hanging bridge.

3. Request detailed information about the canyon

Requesting information about the canyon where you will be doing canyoning is vital. You should be aware of its characteristics, waterfalls, ponds, descents, altitude, difficulty level, uneven surfaces, and escape routes in case the tour has to end prematurely. Nothing beats feeling confident before rappelling down the canyon; the level of difficulty will let you know whether you’re prepared.

4. Perform a safety check

Safety is the most important aspect of the tour. The tour operator must follow a protocol before you start your adventure. They must instruct you on using the equipment and safety measures. Don’t hesitate to voice your concerns. As you're descending, feel free to let your guide and the rest of the group know how you feel. By being aware of how you’re doing they’ll be able to foresee your possible needs.

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Ziplining in the forest.

Ziplining in the forest.

5. Descend with a smile on your face

At the moment before your first descent comes the best part: enjoying yourself and letting adrenaline fill you up. There is no room for fear here, only the desire to master the rope like a monkey.

Also, being up close and personal with nature brings you benefits: You’ll reduce exhaustion, combat stress, and make unforgettable memories.

These tips will help you make the best of your first canyoning experience. Go after your goals. It’s time you leave your comfort zone and schedule an adventure trip!