5 Tips for Rappelling in Costa Rica

Rappelling tours in Costa Rica have become one of the prime adventure tourism activities. Descending vertically along rocky canyon walls while contemplating a mesmerizing waterfall by your side will make you feel more alive than ever.

Costa Rica is the right place for this activity. Its natural scene is an exquisite addition to the rappelling experience. Just picture immersing yourself in the dense jungle and forest vegetation and then prepare to rappel down unbelievable cliffs covered by the most exotic plants. You definitely cannot miss this.

One of the preferred spots for this is the Arenal Volcano foothills. This paradise emanates adrenaline and permanent thrill. If you are thinking of taking a rappel tour in Costa Rica, the following tips will help you enjoy it fully.

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Wear comfortable clothes and carry a beverage. For rappelling, it is important to wear clothes that allow your full body mobility, including arms and legs. Remember this sport requires heavy physical activity. Don’t wear clothes that limit your mobility.

Having Fun at Spider Monkey Canyoning Tour

Having Fun at Spider Monkey Canyoning Tour

Don’t forget to bring a water bottle. You must always remember that the body requires fuel when performing physical activities. Keep a water bottle with you throughout the adventure.

Descend slowly

Rappelling tours in Costa Rica are safe and fun, but feeling a bit scared to try them is always inevitable. We recommend that you start descending very slowly. This will also allow you to take in the majestic natural surroundings and fully embrace the adventure. Remember to take a break. If descending becomes exhausting, it is ok to take a break every now and then. Don’t push your body’s limits. Remember this is an activity designed to provide a good time.

Hire a professional company providing this service.

If you are rappelling for the first time in Costa Rica, make sure you do it with the help of experts.

The wisest choice is to hire the services of an adventure tourism company. You can fully trust them. They are experts in the matter, and guides will be by your side all the time to ensure your safety.

Mistico Park offers an unprecedented experience that redefines adrenaline. And we always put safety first. The Spider Monkey Tour is an adventure for all those looking for extreme fun. Mistico Park has made the best of the heart of the forest around Arenal and developed an amazing way to explore nature. This tour does not include only rappelling but also gravity-defying ziplining and a heart-racing hanging bridge walk.

Rappel in one of Costa Rica’s major eco-tourism hubs.

This awesome package includes all safety equipment for a worry-free adventure. Also, experts will accompany you and make you feel safe. This way you can fully focus on what you are about to experience. Rappelling tours in Costa Rica are worth trying more than once. The thrill and liveliness of descending along rocky walls and refreshing waterfalls are impossible to describe. Read on about this tour offered at Mistico Park.

Rappelling down a waterfall.

Rappelling down a waterfall.