Sostenibilidad en Escuela Emblemática Internacional de San Francisco

On February 21, 2022, we had the opportunity to see how the Emblematic International School of San Francisco teaches about sustainability and entrepreneurship.

From this school in San Ramon. Alajuela, which is located on an agricultural farm, have produced professionals such as naturalists and doctors. They all return to thank the school for the contribution it makes to society. At the end of the day, the foundations that are laid bear fruit.

Mistico Park came to the school to learn about their methods and tools for teaching sustainability from the school, and to share lessons learned from the experience of our natural sanctuary. Teacher Julieta taught us about the behavior of the school, and how the children learn in a practical way. The children live with the natural resources, and on a daily basis they become aware of sustainability through play. In the school you can find signs that say "You will eat the fruits of your labor, you will be happy and you will do well".

On a typical day at school, they learn about the digestive system, colors and the number Pi, while shaping the garden and working the land. In addition to learning about sustainable development, you live in the community economy. The children and parents carry out entrepreneurial projects, as one of the school's objectives is to encourage the creation of entrepreneurs. Within the school they have a cooperative in which all the children participate, which is called Copeburrito. Everyone dances, plays, participates in fairs and there are always hands ready to help.

In short, the children build their own learning and help each other. Strengthening the community fabric and the local economy is also part of the sustainable development goals, and in the school it is lived when all its members are enterprising and participate. To learn more about Mistico Park's experiences with the community, follow our social networks, we are waiting for you!